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(Please contact us for any inquiries about "Fillmap" series)
『Fillmap』お問い合わせ用記事(Article for inquiry of "Fillmap")


Terms of Use of "Fillmap" series

A user shall be deemed to have consented to the policies when a user start the service.

1. Definition of Service

The following applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod distributed at App Store.

- Fillmap-World

2. Overview of Service

Available functions in this app are as follows:
Please note that the developer shall be able to change the functions without users' consent. Some functions may not be available depending on the model or OS a user use.

- Function of displaying images of map of each region
- Function of displaying maps based on user's categories or records
- Function of saving the categories, records and photos that a user has registered
- Function of displaying the categories, records and photos that a user has registered
- Function of editing the categories and records that a user has registered
- Function of linking images of the map that a user's record is reflected with other SNS and applications

3. User Registration / Change / Deletion

Registration is not necessary to use Service. Service will be available by installing the app.

4. Termination of Use

Termination of use is regarded when a user has completed uninstallation of Service from the device.
However, the responsibility borne to the user before termination of use will remain after the termination of use.

5. Responsibility of User

User shall use Service on one's own responsibility.
Service is responsible for operation of functions, however, it is not responsible for the results of user's use of functions.
Please see each function screen in the app for more details of Service.
Developer shall provide Service with careful attention, however, it shall not guarantee that user's record data will not be disappeared.
Developer shall not take a responsibility in case a user may cause damages to a third party by using any functions of Service.

6. Termination of Service

Developer shall be able to terminate the service without users' consent. The developer shall not hold responsible for the damages caused to users due to termination.

7. Disclaimer

Developer shall take great care to provide Service, however, it shall not guarantee that it will completely prevent any disadvanteges to users such as system troubles or service disruption.
There is also no guarantee that users or users' data will be protected by malicious third parties with advanced skills.

8. Holder of Vested Right of Service

Copyrights of the service, contents of website, individual information, trademark, images, designs, etc., trademark right, other property rights shall belong to the developer.
However, a user shall be able to use the contents of Service and the website only to the extent that the use is for non-profit purpose and does not give disadvantages to the developer.
Rights of the contents that a user creates by using the functions of the service shall belong to the user.

9. Change of User Policy

Developer shall change Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (hereafter referred to as 'Policies') without users' consent.
Revised Policies shall become effective when they are appeared in this website.

10. Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of this service is as follows.

  ◆Privacy Policy of "Fillmap" series

11. Contacts

Please post a comment on this website or review page on App Store.

  ◆Article for inquiry of "Fillmap" series










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