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(Please contact us for any inquiries about "Fillmap" series)
『Fillmap』お問い合わせ用記事(Article for inquiry of "Fillmap")


Privacy Policy of "Fillmap-US"

Fillmap-USHere is Privacy Policy of "Fillmap-US".

"Fillmap-US" handles user information as follows.

1. App provider to get information

Tateaki UEHARA

2. User information and purpose to be acquired

In this app, the user's registration information is stored only in the user's iOS device, and the app provider does not collect the user information.
However, only with the consent of the user, the third party providing the advertisement will collect the following user information in order to display the appropriate advertisement.
(1) Location information
Approximate location
(2) ID
Device ID
(3) Usage data
Product operation, advertising data
(4) Diagnosis
Crash data, performance data

3. How to get

The app provider does not collect user information.
Advertising third parties collect user information through this application with a built-in information collection module.

4. Notification / publication or consent acquisition method / user involvement method

(1) Notification / publication
Notification and publication of the privacy policy will be made by posting on the support site.
(2) How to get consent
Consent is obtained by the method obtained when this application is started for the first time.
(3) Method of user involvement
Acquisition of user information can be stopped by uninstalling this application.

5. External transmission / third party provision / information collection module

(1) External transmission
The acquired user information will be sent to the advertising provider third party.
(2) Provided by a third party
Since the app provider does not collect user information, it does not provide it to third parties.
(3) Information collection module
Incorporate the following advertising-providing third-party modules into this application.
・ Google AdMob (Used to measure the effectiveness of ad distribution and ad distribution)
 Goolep Privacy & Terms

6. Contacts

Please contact us by commenting on this site or evaluating the App Store.

  ◆Article for inquiry of "Fillmap-US"

7. Revision

The App Provider modifies this policy at the discretion of the App Provider. However, if there is a change in the acquired user information, purpose of use, or provision to a third party, we will notify you on this application or this site, and after changing this policy, we will obtain consent from the user again when this application is started for the first time.

8. Terms of Use of "Fillmap-US"

Terms of use apply to matters not stipulated in this policy.

  ◆Terms of Use of "Fillmap-US"

9. Enactment date / Revision date

Enactment: August 12, 2021




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